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Your car's exhaust system is crucial to your car's performance -- affecting safety, pollution and comfort. While the main purposes of the exhaust system are to condition and remove exhaust gases from the car and to reduce engine noise, several aspects of the system are designed specifically for their effect on the engine's performance.

Backpressure helps regulate the temperature of the engine's cylinders, making it run smoother. Too much backpressure, though, can cause the engine to lose power, stall, or even stop running.

turbocharger adds power by improving the air intake into the cylinders. Conventional intake designs merely draw air into the cylinders; a turbocharged engine forces air at higher pressure into the cylinder, producing a more powerful combustion and increasing engine performance.

Midas is the undisputed global leader in quality exhaust system components.

We take pride in designing mufflers, pipes and other exhaust components peerless in the auto industry. Midas catalytic converters meet stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction.

Expert Exhaust Specialists
Midas Exhaust System specialists have led the way in state-of-the-art, expert service utilizing top quality parts. They will inspect your entire exhaust system to their rigorous standards, promptly identify the problem, and give you a written estimate before they begin work.